Michael is a dental consultant, practice trainer, presenter and radio DJ.

Welcome to New Beginnings dental consultancy and practice training.Â

I have had the pleasure of working in dentistry since October of 2000 when I became the practice manager of Boots Dentalcare in Birmingham. Since then I have spent my life cultivating and developing my experience, not only as a manager but understanding dentistry and really getting to grips with each area of dental life.Â

In January 2015 I had the pleasure of stepping into JM Dentalcare as the Practice Manager, everything happened for me here, I got to implement treatment coordination form ground zero, even building the TCO room and choosing the furnishings. In 2009 I qualified as a Dental Nurse, I wanted my foundations to be more solid and like my peers have a GDC number, this is one of my most proudest moments and I am so pleased I have this knowledge to go alongside the role of a TCO. As a PM there is nothing I haven’t experienced I have managed all sorts of situations, team work is so important in a practice, the successful ones have a great team at the heart. Teams need nurturing to succeed and they need sustenance to grow so that they can be at their very best.Â

I am passionate about the patient journey, I would happily speak to patients all day. There is something a “buzz” I call it about building relationships with people, that help them to understand with knowledge and confidence what they want to do next. If I can be that person and coach others to be the same this is where I the happiest. The reception is your power house, the driving force is what happens at the desk, you will have heard that reception can make or break a business, this is true believe me.Â

In 2012 I had got the opportunity to work as business consultant alongside Laura Horton at Horton Consulting and for Practice Plan. Until 2016 I still worked in practice at JM Dentalcare for 3 days whilst I spent the other days consulting, coaching and presenting in practices and at events all over the UK and Ireland.Â

In 2016 I left practice life and concentrated on consultancy full time alongside Laura, our experiences together we’re truly amazing and I treasure them all, because in 2020, we all know what happened COVID! This stopped us in our tracks and difficult decisions had to be made, I decided I wanted to go back into dental practice, I wanted to experience first hand what everyone has and is going through. I felt as a consultant if I didn’t know how it feels and how the patients and teams were reacting on the ground then I could coach, train and present again.Â

In 2021 I have managed to find a position as a patient experience coordinator, thats right I get to chat to patients lots of them and I couldn’t be happier. I know exactly what the FFP3 feels like I have done chair side nursing as I wanted to make sure that went back to basics and for me I know I made the right decision.

I am now in a position where I can work in dental practice for some or my week and balance my week supporting practices who want me to work with them to grow their business and support them with the team.Â

If you as a practice owner and want a confidant to work with, someone who can support you and knows how it feels then contact me. I would delighted to hear your story and then decide if I am the right person to work with you.Â

New Beginnings is what is all about, we cannot change the past, but we can decide how we shape the future.Â


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