February guests on Balsall Radio include Beverly Rudd, Mina Anwar, Rachel Lumberg & Claire Sweeney

Michael joins ballroom judging panel for “Ultra Ballroom” events for 2018

December interviews now available to listen to including Bonnie Langford and Kerry Ellis

Michael’s musical theatre guests in January include , Marisha Wallace & Nicholas Briggs – Voice of the Daleks!!!

November guests on Balsall Radio include Mike Stock, Tamsin Carroll, Shekenah Mcfarlane, Jo Payne and Paul Edwards

Jonny Weston Joins Michael’s radio theatre show as London Correspondant

October Guests coming to Balsall Radio include, Cheryl Baker, Keith Jack, Andy Coxon, Sam Callahan, Amanda McBroom and Roberta Woodhouse

September Guests on Balsall Radio include, Peter Caulfield, West End Wilma, Ben James-Ellis, Jonathan Carlton & Katie Markham

“The Girls” cast are Michael’s August guests on Balsall Radio, Debbie Chazen, Jenny Gayner & Claire Machin

Michael stars in “The Secret life of the Ballroom” starting Sunday September 17th 8.00pm on Channel W